• Private Client Services

    With these extraordinarily low interest rates and challenging stock markets, the more diversified Alitis portfolios are delivering excellent risk-adjusted returns. Our significant allocations to Alternative investments (private real estate, private mortgages and other Absolute Return investments) are delivering returns, when stocks and bonds are not.

Alitis’ lower-risk management style offers an excellent option for Families, Retirees, Professionals, and Business Owners.

  • Families

    Whether your family has a foundation of solid pension plans or your life's savings will be your primary retirement asset, you still need solid growth of your investments and you don’t want big risks to your capital if the stock market takes a serious drop.  Alitis’ portfolios are built similar to the world’s best pension plans and offer pension-like diversification into alternative asset classes, such as real estate, private mortgages and absolute return strategies.

    An Alitis portfolio provides excellent risk-adjusted returns so that your retirement capital grows in a more stable and reliable performance pattern.  With less volatility and steady returns you will always have confidence that your portfolio is on track to reach your retirement goals.  Alitis offers all types of savings plans including RRSPs, TFSAs, Cash Investment Accounts, RESP’s and Trusts.

  • Retirees

    In retirement, it’s even more important that your investments perform in a more stable pattern.  Severe market volatility can put your capital at risk if big downturns occur and you continue to make monthly withdrawals.  This doubling effect of a down market and sustained withdrawals can leave your portfolio in an unrecoverable position, and nobody needs this kind of stress in your golden years.

    With exceptionally low volatility and strong protection against severe market drops, our highly diversified portfolios were designed for retirees.  In fact, Alitis was created specifically because the majority of our clients are retired and they needed a lower risk option that had a better chance of delivering steady returns that could keep up with their monthly withdrawals.

    Retirees are in good hands with Alitis and you will have lots of company. Having helped hundreds of families accumulate their wealth and then converted it to reliable income streams, we fully understand the important investment and taxation issues that retirees face.

  • Professionals

    Whether you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer or Accountant, all professionals share a similar challenge: you are extremely busy and may not have a pension plan to fall back on in retirement.  This means that retirement is solely your responsibility and you need to accumulate most, if not all, of your retirement assets… and those assets have to grow. 

    An increasing number of well-informed professionals are realizing the benefits of dealing with a portfolio manager with discretionary trading abilities.  In addition to having the capability to conduct appropriate trades throughout the day in your portfolio, the other significant advantage of having Alitis as your portfolio manager is that we build substantially more diversified portfolios than most investment managers in Canada.  What this means for you and your family is that your portfolio will contain a well-designed mix of sophisticated institutional-style investments like private real estate, mortgages and absolute return strategies that you may not have access to as an individual investor.

    We are well aware that you likely already have a relationship with a retail investment advisor and you probably value that relationship.  Unfortunately most retail advisers deal primarily in mutual funds or individual stock/bond strategies and we feel this simple approach is unlikely to deliver the necessary net of fee returns you need to retire.

    Another major difference between the retail investment world and a portfolio manager like Alitis is that you will no longer pay sales commissions or be locked into rear load mutual funds.  Portfolio managers charge a monthly fee for as long as you are with them and typically have no fees to leave.  Once you step up to the top tier of wealth management we are confident that you will never go back to a retail advisor or manager using only stocks and bonds.

  • Business Owners

    As a business owner your best investment is most likely your business and perhaps the commercial real estate you operate from. Once you've made your money however, and it is in the bank or with a Retail Investment Adviser, this is where our specialized skills may be able to help you.

    Many successful business owners keep too much money in the bank, this is a common problem. The rationale is that “I never know when I’m going to need it”, and that is certainly true.  But, beyond the shorter term requirements for cash in your business there is a place in your company’s portfolio for a mid-term investment strategy that can add significant returns on this capital. These returns can add up to tens of thousands of dollars; another way to increase the value of your business or Holding Company.

    Even in this low rate environment Alitis has relatively lower risk portfolios that target 3 – 5%, net of all fees.  For your personal RRSP’s, Cash and Corporate investment accounts our lower risk approach is ideal for the business owner who is reliant on the investments you’ve accumulated. For capital that has a mid to longer term time horizon (perhaps 4-6 years), we have several solutions that target 5-7%.

    The biggest attraction of the conservative Alitis approach for business owners occurs when you sell the business.  After a lifetime of hard work and a sale that yields a large cash value, this new-found money is now the core of your retirement security.  And, the thought of having it invested in low-yield bank deposits or the higher risk stock market can cause serious concern and stress, and at a time when you’re supposed to be happily entering retirement.  Our pension-style portfolios are specifically designed to protect against severe market risks and provide steady returns year in and year out.  Like our other retirees and professionals, this approach is designed for you.


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