The Alitis approach to investment management is more advanced than traditional approaches used in Canada. Most retail investment firms build client portfolios with an extremely narrow group of asset classes – namely stocks, bonds, and cash.

At Alitis, we have built highly sophisticated portfolios, similar to the leading pension plans and endowments and expanded the range of asset classes we draw from to include private commercial real estate, private infrastructure, commercial mortgages, conservative residential mortgages, gold and a number of absolute return investments. Although our portfolios will still hold stocks and bonds, this expanded range of investments has been shown to potentially reduce portfolio risk and increase the probability of consistent returns in each client portfolio.

Many of these investments do not trade on public markets, so they are not subject to some of the volatility which often accompanies publicly-traded investments. As a result, inclusion of these additional asset classes may significantly reduce portfolio volatility.

If you are looking for an exceptionally well-designed portfolio that is built similar to the world’s best performing Pension Funds and multi-million dollar Endowment Funds, then Alitis Investment Counsel is definitely a good fit for your Cash Accounts, RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs or Corporate Investment Portfolio.

Alitis Investment Counsel Inc. is a unique and leading edge discretionary investment management firm that brings investors three essential advantages that the majority of retail Canadian investors have not had widespread access to:

  1. Additional Asset Classes – our research shows that, in many cases, the best-performing pension funds, multi-million dollar endowment funds and ultra high net worth families have earned higher investment returns than many retail investors. Holding basic fee-based portfolios or mutual funds which use traditional (and in our opinion inadequate) asset classes which include primarily stocks, bonds and cash is an out-dated model.

    Unfortunately, the majority of Canadian investors do not qualify for many of these additional asset classes because they do not meet the criteria to be considered an Accredited Investor.

    Alitis Investment Counsel offers clients two alternative ways to gain access to this broader range of investment choices–see Portfolio Options below.

  2. Lower Fees – by harnessing the collective purchasing power of all of our clients assets we are able to negotiate lower, institutional pricing on many third party-managed asset categories.

  3. Responsive Investment Management – as discretionary managers we have the ability to immediately respond to identified market risks, seize buying opportunities and re-balance your portfolio on a daily basis. Our proprietary analytical software, in conjunction with our portfolio management software, is the engine of our daily investment management process.

    With qualified Portfolio Managers and a highly-skilled support team you can focus on enjoying your life with the confidence that your money is managed according to your specific requirements.