Alitis Investment Portfolios

Our Investment Mandate: Lower Risk and Higher Returns.

Alitis Investment Counsel is a leader in advanced investment management. We were early adaptors of the new reality that the best way to construct safer, higher-performing portfolios is to include meaningful exposure to alternative asset classes. Since many of our investments do not trade on public markets, they are not subject to some of the volatility, which often accompanies publicly traded investments. As a result, our asset classes may significantly reduce your risk during market volatility.

Alitis Portfolio Options

We provide our clients with essential advantages that the majority of Canadian investors have not had widespread access to including additional asset classes, lower fees and responsive investment management. This unique and personal approach provides our clients with truly diversified and well-optimized portfolios.

Strategic Income Pool

Our strategic pool offers consistent, low-volatile investment returns with the ability to deliver stable cash flow.

  • Investment objective: To deliver a stable investment return that generates a high level of interest income with capital growth.
  • Return target: 3-5% net of fees for Series E over an economic cycle.

Income & Growth Pool

Designed to deliver excellent risk-adjusted returns, this pool has the ability to meet long-term return objectives (net real return after inflation and spending requirements) while minimizing short-term downside risk.

  • Investment objective: To provide longer-term capital appreciation while generating a moderate level of income.
  • Return target: 5-7% net of fees for Series E over an economic cycle.

Mortgage Plus Pool

This innovative portfolio combines the stability of private mortgage-based investments with the liquidity of publicly-traded mortgage investment corporations (MICs) and other asset-backed investments.

  • Investment objective: To generate a high level of monthly income with relatively low volatility.
  • Return target: 6-7% net of fees for Series E over an economic cycle.

Growth Pool

This pool is appropriate for investors who want to maximize their long-term returns and who are not concerned about short-term volatility. The exposure to alternative investments helps reduce short-term downside risk along with systematic (market) risk while still offering good upside potential.

  • Investment objective: To achieve high long-term capital appreciation.
  • Return target: >7% net of fees for Series E over an economic cycle.

Private REIT

This pool is appropriate for investors who want to gain exposure to a wide range of real estate types, geographic regions, manager expertise and do not need access to these funds within the next 5 years. 

  • Investment objective: To generate a moderate level of income and a moderate level of capital appreciation over the long-term.
  • Return target: 7-10% net of fees for Series E over an economic cycle.

Separately Managed Accounts

For clients who prefer the opportunity of tailoring their investments, this option provides you with some influence on how your portfolio is built. We can help you customize your portfolio to meet specific needs, as set out in an Investment Policy Statement mutually agreed upon with your investment manager.

Investment Counseling Fees

At Alitis, we understand that fees must be as low as possible in order to enhance your investment returns. By aggregating the purchasing power of our clients’ assets, we can negotiate asset management fees that are significantly lower than you could achieve on your own. For more information about our investment portfolios and counseling fees, please contact our team.