About Us

Alitis is a new generation Portfolio Manager, using a pension-style approach in our portfolios. Our key difference from most other Portfolio Managers in Canada is that we include meaningful allocations of alternative investments, similar to the world’s leading pension and endowment funds. These alternatives are primarily private real estate, private mortgages, private equity, and carefully selected hedge funds.


Meaning of Alitis

Alitis [Ah-LEE-tis] {latin}: to grow, nourish, take care of financially

A Leader in Advanced Wealth Management

Although there are hundreds of Portfolio Managers in Canada today, the reality is the vast majority of them remain fixed in what we refer to as the “old paradigm” of investment management. These managers continue to use the simple approach of building portfolios with only two asset classes, stocks and bonds. This approach has worked reasonably well in the past, when interest rates were much higher and stock markets were less volatile. Given the benign economic growth in the world’s major economies, the relatively high valuations on stocks and these extremely low interest rates, we believe that this basic stock/bond approach is fundamentally inadequate to deliver solid, risk-adjusted returns in the future – the investment world has changed!

At Alitis, we are ready for this change. By reducing our exposure to publicly-traded stocks and low-yielding bonds, we have added meaningful allocations to private real estate, private asset-backed fixed income, private equity, and absolute return investments that all have expected returns in the high single digits to high teens. In addition to higher expected returns this diversified approach reduces volatility significantly. Since inception, all Alitis portfolios (pools) have delivered steady single digit returns, with 40-55% less risk (standard deviation) than their most similar stock/bond benchmarks – this diversified approach works.

Founded on Principle

We believe the investment management process starts with listening to what really matters to our clients and here is what they told us:

• They wanted less risk (volatility) in their portfolios

• They wanted more consistent investment returns

• They wanted lower investment management fees

• They wanted our investment team to monitor their portfolios daily and have the ability to make change quickly (without having to contact them)

• They wanted/needed a strong Financial Planning overlay so that they were paying the least amount of tax, taking advantage of all government-sponsored savings programs and protecting their wealth for their children and grandchildren.

We continue to deliver what clients want and need:

• An advanced, pension-style investment platform

• A Financial Planning process focusing on income planning, tax reduction, and estate preservation

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