Investment Managment

Alitis Investment Counsel provides discretionary investment management to make our business more responsive, cost effective, and efficient for our clients.  Discretionary management means that we are empowered to trade the investments in clients’ accounts without obtaining consent from clients before making the trade. By having discretionary trading authority over clients’ accounts, we can make changes very quickly and everyone requiring the same change will be dealt with at the same time.  This is fair and equitable for everyone and ensures that accounts are actively managed and rebalanced.  Each client account will be managed in accordance with its investment policy statement and investment management agreement.  The Alitis Pools are managed in the same manner, such that we make trades inside each Pool without first obtaining client approval.  The main benefit is that each investor in an Alitis Pool will receive the benefit of each trade at exactly the same time as everyone else.

In order to offer appropriate liquidity and a reasonable degree of customization, Alitis offers two options for you to choose from -- pooled funds or separately-managed accounts (SMAs).  Both options give you access to our full range of asset classes but there are a few important differences between the two options in terms of liquidity, customization and fees.

Alitis Pools

The Alitis Pools offer our best combination of liquidity, along with access to the full range of investments and trading strategies.  With weekly/monthly liquidity, no direct client trading costs and audited financial statements by KPMG we consider the Alitis Pools to be our premium offering for individuals and smaller institutional clients.

Separately-Managed Accounts

For clients who prefer holding individual securities or who would like a higher level of customization, a separately-managed account (“SMA”) would be a good choice.  An SMA will be designed using many of the same underlying holdings in the Alitis Pools, however it cannot fully replicate the Pools due to liquidity, minimum investment amounts, and other considerations.  Despite this an Alitis SMA will be a significantly more diversified portfolio than a traditional stock/bond/cash portfolio at a large retail brokerage or traditional portfolio management firm.