Feb 24, 2015

Alternative lenders play an important role in the Canadian financial industry, namely, to provide secured mortgage credit to borrowers who, for a variety of reasons, do not fit within the lending parameters of the traditional mortgage lenders. Additionally, the reasons vary differently depending on…Read more

Jan 23, 2015

Lower Oil Prices Impact Canada On January 21st, the Bank of Canada surprised the markets by lowering its overnight rate by 0.25% to a new level of 0.75%. Their decision to lower rates was due to the recent drop in the price of oil... Wealth Preservation With Life Insurance* When doing estate…Read more

Jan 6, 2015

Pro-Seminars specializes in continuing education and training designed specifically for Insurance and Financial Services Professionals. Our CEO, Cecil Baldry-White will be presenting 'The Future of Wealth Management."Read more

Dec 30, 2014

Since its inception in 2003, the annual Small Business BC Awards have become one of the largest and most widely-recognized contests in British Columbia. The awards acknowledge the contribution that over 400,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs in our province make to their local communities…Read more

Dec 19, 2014

The big story around the financial world these days has been the plunge in oil prices. The price of oil was fairly flat from the beginning of the year to June, but since that time it has dropped and is now selling more than 40% less that at the beginning of the year. That is a significant change…Read more

Dec 15, 2014

With Christmas just around the corner, there is an increased need for donations of non-perishable food items, toys, and cash to help the less fortunate. Alitis Investment Counsel were overjoyed to present a cheque of $1,000 to The Knights of Columbus Christmas Hamper Fund, which is in its 41st year…Read more

Dec 10, 2014

Nov 27, 2014

Alitis Investment Counsel's CEO, Cecil Baldry-White and Vice President, Terry Gwilliam will be presenting "Investing with Alitis: Lower Risk & Solid Returns" on Thursday, December 4th. The lunch presentation will run from 12:00PM-1:30PM and the dinner presentation from 5:30PM-8:00PM. This is…Read more

Nov 24, 2014

Bonds are boring… or so we have been told. Well, this year has actually been rather interesting in the supposedly boring world of bonds. 2014: Yields are Dropping Bond yields across most of the developed world have declined quite dramatically this year. The chart below shows the yields for Canada,…Read more

Nov 20, 2014

There is a lot of talk going around about inflation and how the cost of everything is going up. Sometimes you can see it happen quickly and obviously. Like the price of gasoline. It goes up overnight and the cost to you is immediately reflected in the increase of price per litre at the pump.…Read more